Is it Better to Repair or Replace a Roof?

A roof is not invincible, no matter how strong and sturdy it may still look. At some point in time, it will sustain damages prompting the need for either roof repair or replacement. But when can you say that it is better to just repair a roof instead of replacing them? Or putting it the other way around, that it is better to just replace a roof instead of repairing them? To help you answer this question, we’ll discuss in this blog post some of the considerations that can help determine whether is it better to repair or replace a roof.

is it better to repair or replace a roof

Roof age

Every roof has its expected lifespan. While some types of roofs are expected to last for about 50 to 70 years or more, others can only last for about 15 to 30 years. Although installation and maintenance indeed play a huge role in how long the roof will last, its age and expected lifespan can still tell a lot about when should you repair or replace your roof.

For instance, asphalt roofing has an expected lifespan of about 15 to 30 years. When it reaches almost the end of that, no matter how strong and durable it may still look, roof replacement may be the best way to go. Since your roof in this case is already considered old, roof repairs will only provide temporary fixes to your roof problems and sooner or later, the problem will come back and cause you another time, money, and resources.

Roof condition

Another consideration in determining whether is it better to repair or replace a roof is to examine the roof’s condition and the extent of the damage it has sustained. If your roof has sustained aesthetic or minor damages only such as a few small holes or tears, perhaps a roof repair may still suffice. But if your roof has already sustained extreme damage due to a storm or normal wear and tear, the damage may already be too overwhelming for just a simple roof repair. A roof replacement may be a better alternative instead.

Roof area affected

If the damage sustained by your roof affects only a small area, like a few shingles or panels, perhaps roof repairs may still work. You can just repair the roof by replacing the damaged shingles or panels. However, if the damage already affects almost the entire roof itself, then a roof replacement is highly recommended. It’s more easier and practical to just replace the entire roof than just do repairs on almost all of them. A new roof will be able to function better and will also last longer.


One of the most important considerations in deciding whether is it better to repair or replace a roof is the costs it entails and your corresponding budget. Roof repair is of course cheaper than roof replacement. However, roof replacements are sometimes more cost-effective than roof repairs.

For instance, repairing an old roof may cost you more in the long run as maintenance and repair costs can pile up. On the other hand, replacing an old roof can be cheaper in the long run as it can also save you more money on maintenance and repairs. So before deciding on which course of action to take, make sure you think ahead and weigh all the options available.

How long do you plan to stay on the property

To further help you decide, ask yourself how long you plan to live and stay on your property. If you have long-term plans to stay, perhaps roof replacement is a good choice. However, if you’re planning on selling your property because you’re moving to a different city or state soon, then perhaps you might want to consider roof repairs instead as it won’t cost you a lot of money. But keep in mind that if you want to increase your home’s value and make a decent profit from the sale, roof replacement is still the best way to go as a new roof can definitely bump up your property’s value.

Need help in deciding whether is it better to repair or replace a roof?

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